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An Inspirational Tai Chi class is more than just a Tai Chi session. 

Jason Chan’s beautiful Infinite Tai Chi Art Form gradually over time develops into something rather unique and individual to each and every teacher.

In my own inspired teaching an important part of this moving meditation lies with intuitively inspired explanation, drawing an ambience of peace and tranquillity – instant focus of mind to a connection with our true eternal nature – and a deep sense of ‘being’ or ‘oneness’ with our surrounding world and universal energies.  

Through each foundational step I creatively guide you to build and balance energy; increase movement and vitality and develop an awareness on all levels of mind body and spirit.  

It is through ritual and repetition that Inspirational Tai Chi serves its greatest purpose; that of providing tools for each individual to create meaningful expression and inner expansion through their own inspired practice each and every day of their lives…

Marie Carr


Tuning in to the river of life… The climate, the nature and the atmosphere of Tenerife are special, and a perfect place for relaxation and reflection. Here Marie Carr empowers with classes of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation and breathing exercises; leads with inspirational talk, and teachings in stress management and relaxation techniques. Following a path tailored for each client, Marie shows how to find the inner-self and help on the road to enlightenment and fulfilment. After consultation in the strictest confidence, she will devise a programme to fit each and every requirement. Regular classes in Tai Chi and Chi Kung are held at venues in the South of the Island. She welcomes you to the classes, especially if you have never tried these wonderful and exhilarating exercise forms.  

Ben Marshall

A warm welcome from Marie… dscf2384 We all have our own unique inner world. Our inner world reflects outwardly into our daily lives and we rarely get the chance to share it with any one, other than the closest few, let alone the potential of the whole world; like myself now via the internet. 

For the internet I am truly grateful; for being able to share with you, a glimpse into my world…

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