The Healing Properties of Water…

Internationally known author Dr Masaru Emoto challenged prevailing ideas of illness in his book, The Hidden Messages in Water which demonstrated that molecules of water are affected by thoughts, words and  feelings and that water contains extraordinary therapeutic powers unrecognized by western medicine.  In his follow up book he takes research 1 step further by exploring the healing power of water, for example, the curative capabilities of water, the capability of prayer to change water, the response of water to music, and how an individual can promote the purity of rain water.  He explores the limitations of western medicine and explains how many conditions that are thought of as hereditary may not necessarily be so.  Written for a wide range of audiences, from cultural creatives to advocates for natural healing, The True Power of Water shows how the most basic liquid that is called the foundation of life, also holds the key to  sustained good health and well being….        …taken from Amazon:    

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Living Tenerife Magazine Article

Last year I was very fortunate to have been included in a magazine article for Living Tenerife Magazine, written by a very talented writer Vivienne Sharman-Lewis – I have included it here for your interest…

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Observing my own stroke

Follow Jill Bolte Taylor’s amazing experience and story of being able to witness and observe herself whilst having a stroke.  Jill, who is of scientific background; talks openly and honestly of her experiences.  A fascinating account…

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Jill BolteTaylor Video

Cristoforo Retreat and Centre of Well Being…



Cristoforo was founded by Denis Devaris three decades ago.  From humble beginnings, it has developed and grown into a highly successful European Center and was included in the UK “Daily Telegraphs” “Best of 2003” world wide survey, the only one in Spain.  It now looks forward to starting a new chapter in it’s evolution.

Cristoforo is highly respected as an organisation for human well-being, Denis is an architect and humanist, primarily practicing within the Cristoforo Rudolph Steiner Association.  This brings together the arts, agriculture, architecture and complimentary therapies.  The organisation has now gathered an even more comprehensive group of professional healers and practitioners to give a new impulse to its work.

Cristoforo offers you the opportunity to enjoy a times of artistic and spiritual creativity, to open yourself to new experiences.

Come along and enjoy the relaxing and stimulating atmosphere that we have prepared for you!



Asociation Rudolph Steiner of arts, agriculture, education and complimentary therapies -(N’ Registro 1398 – Gobierno de canarias) – Bajada a Playa Paraiso n10 Calle El horno -38678 – Adeje -Tenerife – mail:

In unique surroundings and a beautiful location, it will be well worth a visit.