I Create Reality

You don’t have to buy the book, even though I did!   This simple, beautiful and inspiring video says it all..

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Thousand Hand Guan Yin

I Absolutely loved this!   Simply watch and enjoy…

The Song of the Sea with Alowisha

Join Alowisha when she talks about entering heaven without dying in this very powerful Meditation.

A fascinating subject!

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Moon Rising…

I have often asked myself the question… Why is the moon so illuminous in the blackness of the sky?   Now at last I have my answer! 

This documentary film gives a whole new insight into the colours of the moon and what it really looks like on it’s surface.   Incredible…  (Please note: The film may be a little slow to load up – however stay with it, it really is well worth the wait). 


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Twin Souls

This short story by Ron Atkin, published world wide by United Press Ltd, Copyright Ron Atkin 2009 gives a new perspective into meeting our twin soul… I love it!


I left my school ‘early,’ that is soon after obtaining 10, 0 level passes and my parents being told that I would pass Scholarship A level in biology with my eyes closed, and with the prospect of going to Oxford or Cambridge. Looking back, I think I was suffering from intense brain fag, as I had packed too many 0 levels into too short a time span.    

No matter, I have no regrets whatsoever. I would probably now be suffering from high blood pressure, and the rest of my time, ‘taking care’ I didn’t ‘over do it,’ whatever that may mean.   


For a few years I worked with a friend in various hotels as a night porter.  I suppose I was trying to find a part of me that had gotten temporary lost. I had as it were, over indulged in education. Some may say, rubbish and that I should be thankful that I had the opportunity to be educated. Yes I am, but too much of anything can drain the creative center of ones sanity, not to mention the effect that it can have on the psycho/physical structure of ones body. I have written that in hind sight, for if you had said those words to me days after breaking ‘free’ I would have said ‘crap’ and that I was sick of teachers, parents, books, parties, people, sex or no sex, and life in general.   


My mother and father were very far seeing and did not try to pre-judge my life. They gave me, when I was 21, enough money from the sale of two of their recent paintings, to go to Australia. Plus, as I was under 25, I could obtain a work permit from the Australian Embassy.   


Before my departure my mother insisted that I visit her friend a medium, called Ingar Singer who lived in South London. She was a delightful character, bubbling over with life and positive expectations, for all who visited her.


“Edward” she said as she poured my mother a cup of tea, “Take your paints with you.   They will help you find your ‘twin soul’, which you have met in previous lives. Also, I have marked a map of Australia your mother sent me last week.”


“Marked,” I said “How do you mean?” ………………… 



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