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Dive Site – Playa San Juan, Tenerife

30M + Club

The best dive ever !!!

Join in the 30M + Club

The 30M + team

Happy Birthday to Jack Dykes

Congratulations Jack look forward to your Open Water

Jack Dykes


Karen DykesKate Dykes

Congratulations PAT 50th Dive !!

Pat 50th dive



DSD Alcala 22 April 2012

Congratulations to everybody who tookΒ the Discover Scuba Diving.

Special thanks to Erica, George, Pat and Marie for all there help, without which the day would not have been possible..

All diver from the Alcala Discover Scuba Dive

George passes the EFR

George Passes his EFR

Congratulations on 50th Dives and Advanced Deep

Congratulations to JP and George on their 50th Dive and not forgetting Paul on his Deep Advanced..

PADI deep dive and 50th Dives

John Roberts Advanced

Congratulations from all the InterSkill dive team John — well Done !

Tracy’s 100th Dive

Our congratulations go to Tracy Mole on her 100th Dive.

Tracy and JP completing the 100th diveTracy Mole and JP

Thanks for diving with us to celebrate your milestone in diving 100 dives

Well Done !!

George completes his Navigation Speciality

George completes his nav speciality

Congratulations George

You have worked very hard to gain your Navigation speciality (those of you who know Playa San Juan will know exactly what we mean !!)