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Underwater Meditation

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back to the days before your birth?

We are able to offer those of you who may not wish to take up scuba diving as a sport,  the opportunity of experiencing the underwater environment anyway and inner connection, of peacefulness and solice inside yourself.

What is underwater meditation?

  • As we all know before we were born  we were in our mothers womb.  The womb is filled with fluid, so it was a very natural place to be and we offer you the opportunity to experience that feeling again.
  • Underwater meditation is another method of returning to this state and completely relaxing the mind and body to benefit natural body healing, it is exactly the same meditation that you would experience on land, except the only sounds you hear are those of your breathing and the water around you – an excellent way to take yourself away from the world and meditate.

What do I need to experience this meditation?

  • All the equipment is provided to enable you to have a safe experience underwater
  • Although the pool is outside and is warmed by the sun,you will need a tee shirt or similar to avoid getting cold

What happens before and during the meditation?

  • Before the  meditation begins we take you through some very simple exercises, if you already know how to meditate we can skip this exercise.
  • We then ask you to sit on either a chair or the middle step of the pool, your head is just below the surface so you are able to stand up  any time you choose.
  • You will be accompanied by a professional diving instructor who  ensures that you enjoy your experience in a safe controlled environment
  • All the air equipment is placed on the pool side and a breathing regulator extends down and in to the pool, so there is no heavy equipment for you to be concerned about
  • You can either meditate with or without a mask, most prefer not to wear a mask, but the choice is yours

How long will the meditation last?

  • Normally the meditation lasts between 10 – 15 minutes, you can have longer if you wish, again its your choice.
  • Once you have finished your underwater meditation you will be invited to further relax by the pool and have either a head massage or a galvanic spa facial treatment to complement your experience (additional charges will apply)

All sounds good ! how do I book?

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