Alignment and Posture

Feet are shoulder width apart – a little more so if that is comfortable – and weight is evenly distributed on the whole of each foot.

Sinking – the knees are soft and relaxed- allowing the tailbone to move slightly downwards. The small of the back is then straightened.

Base centre (sacrum – or pelvic floor) is lightly lifted and sealed – enough for awareness but not enough to cause tension.

Suspended now between heaven and earth – spine straightened – crown centre (which is on line with the top of the ears) is pulled upwards, as if attached to the sky by a cord or a piece of string.

Tongue is on the roof of the mouth behind the front teeth, as if creating the ‘L’ sound – this forms a bridge between the crown centre, third eye and the rest of the lower chakras. (Meditational pose)

Neck is straight and shoulders are relaxed and very soft.

The Inner Smile – utilising positive thoughts – ie thinking of something beautiful, something that you love – and by holding that feeling and bringing it behind the eyes, the body begins to soften and relax.

Arms are slightly away from the body as if a golf ball were under the armpits) just enough space to allow the energy to move freely around the top half of the body.

Tuning in’ or connecting (awareness of) to the abdomen. Breathing softly and gently, as if inflating a balloon with the tummy on the in breath; and then deflating the balloon through the out breath. Allowing the breath to flow slowly and evenly inwards and outwards to a natural rhythm, thus the mind quietens, feeling stiller and more centred. Allow any thoughts just to come and go, not hanging on to the

Palms of the hands are open and lifted slightly – feeling the connection to the ground and earth through the palms of them and the soles of the feet – through a good strong stance. The crown centre still being pulled upwards towards heaven through the straightening of the spine.

Standing now in mountain pose – tall and strong – quiet and still – relaxed and peaceful. The mind is still but very much awake, not sleepy, as it is focused still on the in and the out breath; thus allowing the movement of the chi energy inside the body.

If you understand, things are just as they are;
If you don’t undertand, things are just as they are…
Zen Khan