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 A BUN DANCE. © Title of my new book.

“You create your own universe as you go along”
~Winston Churchill

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Yes, whatever you focus on grows and multiplies. You are always sending out light and waves of manifesting energy. Just focus this energy on abundance, love, and the blessings around you, instead of what you are lacking. Lack attracts lack, while appreciation and gratitude attract abundance. Remove the imp that part of you created when as a child you didn’t get what you wanted. This imp was fairly small when you were two years old, but wow, now it is a veritable giant. Be like Jack, and slay this negative ogre, and put it on the compost heap where it can be transmuted into organic food for your daily party of joy – then you can invite everyone to YOUR ‘Bun Dance’ and feed at your table of gratitude. 

In less than 3 months your life and all those close to you will have changed, because they too will have to put their ogre on to their compost heap. In a year you may find you need a new identity card! 

Happy feasting – RjjA      “What is essential is invisible to the eye” The Little Prince   


Thanks Ron! Love this… xMariex

I Create Reality

You don’t have to buy the book, even though I did!   This simple, beautiful and inspiring video says it all..

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Thousand Hand Guan Yin

I Absolutely loved this!   Simply watch and enjoy…

The Song of the Sea with Alowisha

Join Alowisha when she talks about entering heaven without dying in this very powerful Meditation.

A fascinating subject!

Click here to see >>>> Song of the Sea

Moon Rising…

I have often asked myself the question… Why is the moon so illuminous in the blackness of the sky?   Now at last I have my answer! 

This documentary film gives a whole new insight into the colours of the moon and what it really looks like on it’s surface.   Incredible…  (Please note: The film may be a little slow to load up – however stay with it, it really is well worth the wait). 


 Click here to see Moon Rising>>>

Decoding Reality – Awakening Every day Magic

Decoding Reality: Awkening Every Day Magic is a very interesting and thought provoking report by Aiene Belton of the intuition zone.com.

Click here to see the report>>>Decoding Magic -Intuition

Expressions of Conciousness…

“Interesting… Isn’t it? “    This was one of my teacher, Jason Chan’s favourite phrases when he used to talk to us about Tai Chi, the Tao and his philosophy on life as a spiritual teacher and healer.  I am often fondly reminded of the same phrase whenever I am in deep conversation with others about our own profound awareness and experience, of living and everything that goes with it. 
I was reminded of it again as I stumbled upon this link on YouTube which talks about the famous Chinese sage Lao Tzu and his philoshophy on the art of living… and decided to add it here, so that you too can have a taste of the Tao-te-ching and ancient Chinese philosophy…  I hope that you find it “interesting” too!

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Peace from the Quantum Level…

It is thanks to my friend Ron, who sent this link to me, that I am able to share with you this very interesting short ‘talk’ or ‘lecture’ from the Maharishi University on Peace from the Quantum level.   It informs and awakens us to the fact that earthly peace really can exist when working with this level.
Thought-provoking and inspiring – this is a subject that resonates deeply within me…

Click here to see the lecture>>>

Twin Souls

This short story by Ron Atkin, published world wide by United Press Ltd, Copyright Ron Atkin 2009 gives a new perspective into meeting our twin soul… I love it!


I left my school ‘early,’ that is soon after obtaining 10, 0 level passes and my parents being told that I would pass Scholarship A level in biology with my eyes closed, and with the prospect of going to Oxford or Cambridge. Looking back, I think I was suffering from intense brain fag, as I had packed too many 0 levels into too short a time span.    

No matter, I have no regrets whatsoever. I would probably now be suffering from high blood pressure, and the rest of my time, ‘taking care’ I didn’t ‘over do it,’ whatever that may mean.   


For a few years I worked with a friend in various hotels as a night porter.  I suppose I was trying to find a part of me that had gotten temporary lost. I had as it were, over indulged in education. Some may say, rubbish and that I should be thankful that I had the opportunity to be educated. Yes I am, but too much of anything can drain the creative center of ones sanity, not to mention the effect that it can have on the psycho/physical structure of ones body. I have written that in hind sight, for if you had said those words to me days after breaking ‘free’ I would have said ‘crap’ and that I was sick of teachers, parents, books, parties, people, sex or no sex, and life in general.   


My mother and father were very far seeing and did not try to pre-judge my life. They gave me, when I was 21, enough money from the sale of two of their recent paintings, to go to Australia. Plus, as I was under 25, I could obtain a work permit from the Australian Embassy.   


Before my departure my mother insisted that I visit her friend a medium, called Ingar Singer who lived in South London. She was a delightful character, bubbling over with life and positive expectations, for all who visited her.


“Edward” she said as she poured my mother a cup of tea, “Take your paints with you.   They will help you find your ‘twin soul’, which you have met in previous lives. Also, I have marked a map of Australia your mother sent me last week.”


“Marked,” I said “How do you mean?” ………………… 



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Christian the Lion

I was sent this link by a very good friend.  It is the true story of Christian the Lion I was so taken by it that I just had to include it here…  Hope you all love it as much as I do… Enjoy!

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