In Recent years medical research has shown that a great deal of ill health is related to lack of physical activity. We now realise that the only way to prevent the diseases of inactivity is to remain active, but exercise can be detrimental if the body is unprepared for it.


Stretching is the important link between the sedentary and the active life.It keeps the muscles flexible and ready for movement, improves performance, helps prevent injuries from physical activity and simply makes you feel good.

Stretching correctly, is not about pushing limits, or attempting to go further each day. It should not be a personal contest to see how far you can stretch. Stretching should be tailored to your particular muscular structure, flexibility, and varying tension levels.

The key is regularity and relaxation. The object is to reduce muscular tension, there by promoting freer movement – not to concentrate on attaining extreme flexibility, which often leads to over stretching and injury. Stretching is not stressful. It is peaceful, relaxing and non-competitive. The subtle, invigorating feelings of stretching allow you to get in touch with your muscles. It is completely adjustable to the individual. You do not have to conform to any unyielding discipline; stretching gives you the freedom to be yourself and enjoy being yourself.

Anyone can be fit, with the right approach you don’t need to be a great athlete. But you do need to take it slowly, especially in the beginning. Give your body and mind time to adjust to the stresses of physical activity. Start easy and be regular.

When you are stretching and exercising frequently, you will learn to enjoy movement. Remember, each one of us is a unique physical and mental being with our own comfortable and enjoyable rhythms. We are all different in strength, endurance, flexibility and temperament. If you learn about your body and its needs, you will be able to develop your own personal potential and gradually build a foundation of fitness that will last a lifetime.



Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you…

…Maori proverb