Warm up Exercises

Breathing plays a very important role, even in the warm up session. The correct breathing patterns – soft and flowing breaths (from the abdomen) – mean that the movement will begin to flow, just as the energy from the breath flows through the body. The body will stay relaxed and we will feel less tired, as the energy circulating via our bloodstream sustains us throughout the exercise. At the same time, by using the breath this way, we are also using the warm-up session and exercises as part of our over all meditation.

Turning from the waist – (side to side) with arms loosely hanging and wrapping around body.

Turning from the waist Cupping the hands slightly and gently tapping the tummy and the middle back – thus feeling the vibration through from one hand to the other.

Holding the energy ball between the hands (Palms of hands are facing each other) As you breathe in and out, the energy ball is breathing with you –feel it expanding and contracting.

The Pendulum Hold and breathe the energy ball and begin turning the waist from side to side. As you do this the arms will automatically follow the waist – allow the arms to rise upwards (keeping the shoulders down) as you turn in one direction and then allow them to come downwards as you turn back – once again using the breath.

Phoenix rising – Same as above except that instead of allowing the arms and the energy ball to rise towards the sides, it rises towards the front and the back (slightly turning the shoulders).

Empty leg/Full leg – weight distribution and balance. Then working your way up the body opening the joints and energy channels…

Ankle and wrist Rotation slowly and in both directions while balancing on one leg, while keeping the knee soft.

Lower leg Rotation from the knee – both directions and as above.  Lift the knee only to a comfortable height – the more this is practiced, the  more the leg will be strengthened and the higher the knee will be lifted.

Leg Rotation from the groin and back again.  Rembering to keep the knee of the leg balanced on soft.  3 times out to the side and down and 3 times back towards the front .

The Swallow – Coordinating the breath with balancing and the movement – lifting one knee up to waist height while breathing in; breath out to take the same leg underneath the body towards the back (doesn’t matter how high that is); breathing in again bring the leg back up to the front and breathing out allow the leg to straighten and foot to go back down on the floor.  Do alternatively (3 times on either side)with both legs and use the hands and arms to help with balance.

Waist Rotation – both directions.

Pelvic  Rotations – with extended stance – both directions Pulling pelvic floor upwards and inwards (drawig circles in the with the pelvic floor.

Windmills – For the shoulders and co-ordination – same stance.  Breathing in, raise both arms in the air into prayer position ready to begin windmills.  On the out breath, one arm begins to travel down towards the front while the other arm travels in the backwards direction and carry on travelling round at the same speed until they have created a full circle where the hands can meet again in prayer position above the head.  It is important at all times to keep the shoulders and arms relaxed.

Turning the head – For the neck – turning the head very gently and slowly to the left – looking back with the eyes over the shoulder and then to the right; always returning back to the centre – and remembering to use the breath always.

Chi Kung exercises are also used as warm-ups…

The Golden Sun Sequence.
Butterfly Sweeping Sequence.
The Archer.
Standing Like a Tree.

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