Tai Chi teaching experience…


  • Light Foundation – Infinite tai chi and chi gung – Teacher Training Course 3 years.


Qualified and completed course – whilst doing so had many opportunities to teach individuals and classes – and be involved in many other things ie. meditation techniques, exercise programmes and skills.

Also alongside the course attended many workshops and classes embracing Tai Chi form, meditation, and relaxation and stress management practices, all to compliment the teacher training course.


  • Green Head School in Keighley, West Yorks. – Working with children who under achieve through behavioural difficulties.


Very good results when children attended.


  • Keighley College – over three year period – standing in for other instructor/tutor when unable to be there – many hours of experience over this time.


 Always very good and encouraging feedback from students on my teaching methods and the content of classes – for interest – variety of exercise and the skills involved.   Valuable experience of teaching varied age groups with different levels of physical ability – Also ‘mental’ and emotional abilities also.  Very positive outcomes


·   Rhodes way High School Bradford – Teachers stress and relaxation classes – Also sixth form A level (learning about holistic therapies) also confidence and skill building classes.


 Beneficial For both staff and students -Always good response and encouraging feedback


·        New Horizons Computer learning Centre – staff stress management


 Very positive and encouraging feedback.


  • Nelson Mandela Centre Leeds. – Asylum seekers and new placements -speaking very little or no English.  Basic care, fitness and settlement and development skills.


 Encouraging and beneficial for those who took part.



  • Private evening classes three years running own in Leeds/ Ilkley– running workshops –1hour and day.


 Generally very good and positive feedback from students – different age groups – various levels of physical fitness and ability.


·        Demonstrations and exhibitions


 Again always very good and positive feed back – much interest in skills and content.


  • W.I group Wilsden – A group of elderly ladies of various physical abilities.


               Always positive comments and encouraging group – very helpful to all levels of          physical ability – helping them very much with mental and emotional stress.


  • Woodview Day centre Crossgates Leeds – 6 week course


Positive feedback from those who participated – though lack of total commitment by many ‘residents’ Average age of residents was 85 years old


·        Mind Centre Bradford – staff


               Very encouraging and positive feedback from participants regarding mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


  • Partially Sighted Centre  Headingly Leeds – A.B.A Asoc. of Blind Asians


Very challenging for myself as class not only cannot see very well, but do not speak and understand English very well – but very encouraging and positive feedback and results in evaluation – making real differences in peoples lives who participated.


  • Shared Care and Adoption agency –teaching stress and relaxation through tai chi.


               Very positive and encouraging comments and results regarding physical and mental wellbeing of staff in very stressful jobs.


  • Onboard ship – teaching children and adults who asked to join in.


               Always very encouraging and positive results.  Enjoyed very much teaching and doing Tai Chi out at sea.


·        Private Sessions and Personal Home tuition


Very successful and encouraging results – always encouraging feedback...


·        Group and house Meetings


Always positive and encouraging feedback.



·        Involvement with the Positive Care Programme


N H S approved – Very promising and positive involvement – Tai Chi sessions came out most popular part of the programme in end of year evaluation – 92 % of people said that they found it very helpful and fulfilling – however the whole combined package/ programme was very helpful indeed to the long term ill and their carers.




  • Help the Aged – Age Concern


                             Through Help the Aged and Age Concern, I worked with support groups from many cultural communities –                              namely  A.B.A.  Society for Blind Asians, The Black Elders Group, Chinese Women’s Society, Sheik Centre –                              Touchstone – a Mental Health Organisation and others.  Very positive feedback.                   



  • Carers Leeds – Mental Health                              Much interest shown by participating group.




  • M.E.M.H.O – Mental Health Organisation A.G.M.


  • Multiple Sclerosis Therapy  Centre 


                          Very positive results from participants – small group but very worth while.




  • Armed Forces M.S. Society   – Talk and demonstration.



                              Very worthwhile – positive feedback on help and healing techniques



  • Action on Pain A.G.M.




  • St John’s Primary School Brighouse.


                              Whole day celebrating Chinese New year – took the whole school class by         

                              Class through Tai Chi discipline and techniques – the kids absolutely loved it!

                              And the staff gave very positive feedback regarding having learned much

                              themselves about getting the best from the children in their school.




  • Fitness First Gymnasium, Keighley, West Yorkshire.




  • Harewood House Bank Holiday Event.


                              Demonstrating and encouraging people to have a go! -Very enjoyable indeed!




  • The Art of Life Day Spa, Playa Arena, Tenerife.


                              Classes and Live demonstrations for open day and charity events.



  • Cristoforo Hacienda Retreat Centre, Playa Paraiso, Tenerife.


                              Regular classes, ‘one to one’ private training sessions, demonstrations.



  • Queensbury High School, Bradford, West Yorkshire.


8 classes of 25 children age 12 to teach and give them experience of Tai chi and                 Chinese culture in celebration of the Chinese New Year.    The kids thoroughly enjoyed it once they got to grips with being quiet and centered – A real challenge for some them, but one that they rose to brilliantly and which resulted at the end of the day’s session in them giving a demonstration in front of the whole school of what they had learned.  Very satisfying!




  • Tipsy Terrace Sports and Gardens, Los Gigantes, Tenerife.


Classes held twice weekly – for residents and holidaymakers – average age group retired and above.   Slow and gentle, a basic beginner’s class.  A useful tool to use in everyday life for improved health and well being and as in all cases of the different groups I have worked with, it has been proved through evaluation and feedback to be very useful and helpful to many.